Woman is Man

Woman is defined as, Man with a womb. According to the Bible, Woman was created from the rib of Adam (Man). Woman is and always has been man, God's gift to Adam.

Woman has always had unalienable rights. Because rights are denied does not mean they do not exist. Because Woman does not have Man's physical strength does not mean Woman is not equal. Rights do not depend on physical strength. More strength does not give more rights.

Man and Woman are equal partners in life; their union creates life. Woman's equal station in life is not above or below, it is beside Man. Both are naturally equal, neither can create life alone. Naturally partners and naturally endowed with equal unalienable rights by the creator.

The natural burden of exercising rights is respect for others. So they can freely exercise their rights, in the same way, with the same respect. It is not as important that individual's like each other as it is that individual's respect each others rights.

Unalienable rights do not depend on sex, race, age, beliefs, strength, popularity, the approval of others or a majority vote, never have.